Online Marketing for Google Maps – An Easy Way to a Successful Business

Google Maps has a great impact for getting your business noticed online. Everyone that wants to generate more business using internet marketing cannot avoid Google Maps. Nowadays Google is showing a small map in their search results for many keywords. Everyone doing online marketing will agree that getting a top position in the organic search results will improve your business impressively.How do get a top ranking in Google local business results?The first thing to do is to create an account on Google Places. Be sure to add a keyword rich description and full-fill all the forms. Also the opening hours, images and payment methods are effecting your ranks. Make sure your profile is 100% complete. What is very important is to have the same business name, address and phone numbers on your website.Unfortunately registering your business with Google Places is not enough. Only 7 to 10 business listings are shown in the search results. Be sure to get your local business website indexed and ranked in Google. Build links, write good content and pay attention to on page SEO factors, like meta descriptions, keyword richt titles, h1 tags.Here are some tips that will help to get ranked in local business results in no timeLink to a specific landing page, not to the home page. Create a landing page with good content containing local phrases. This will absolutely help you rank faster. Spend time in writing a good Google maps description of about 200 characters. Combine this description with the content on the landing page. This description will not only help you getting ranked, but also helps you to sell your business.Get listed in a category that is being searched for. You can be listed in up to 5 categories. If you cannot find the category that suits your needs, than you can suggest a new one. Add pictures and videos to your business. Google will often include this image in the Google Maps. Use the “Additional Details” field to write more about your business. Write there about your products or services. Just like ordinary online marketing, the key to success is link building.Be sure to have citations on other websites. Get listed in Google map directories.

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